Bhumi Charitable Trust


President Voice

Pankaj Shivlal


Desire is the key to motivation, but its determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek

A thought that has been enduring in mind when it becomes real, is truly an interesting and exciting experience. This report is one such cherished work that had its roots in the persuasions. Bhumi Charitable Trust is happy to present before you the report of the year 2010 to 2014. This report is a journey that we have gone through to bring the best outcome for the society. There are several initiatives taken by Government, in the Environmental sector in the last few years. Though their services and the awareness they are trying to generate is at mass level but to some extent it still needs some boost to cover the whole mass and achieve the result that is desired and required by the society. Our Mother Earth is getting depleted day by day; we as a medium of God can play a vital role in the creation of the society that is ideal and sustainable for the generation to come. According to WHO till 2030 they can foresee that Rapid population growth and industrial expansion is having a major impact on food, water and energy supplies. During the early 2000s, there were six billion people on Earth. By 2030, there are an additional two billion, most of them from poor countries. Humanity's footprint is such that it now requires the equivalent of two whole Earths to sustain itself in the long term. Farmland, fresh water and natural resources are becoming scarcer day by day. There is the added issue of climate change, with CO2 levels reaching almost 450 parts per million. As a result, natural feedbacks are kicking in on a global scale. This is most apparent in the Arctic, where melting permafrost is now venting almost one gigatonne of carbon annually. There are signs that a tipping point has been reached, which is manifesting itself in the form of a runaway environmental degradation. Nature's ecosystems are changing at a speed and scale rarely witnessed in Earth's history. So, we as a BCT family are trying to play our role as a responsible child of our Mother Earth and will justify our existence on this earth.