Bhumi Charitable Trust


Our Activitie

Tribal Sub-Plan Valsad, Animal Husbandry Department and Bhumi Charitable Trust had organized a free Medical Camp for Animals at Baroli Jungle, Taluka Kaprada, District Valsad. In this free medical camp about 900 Animals were provided with free medical checkup and medicine facilities. The Village “Sarpanch” Shree Laxmanbhai Patel, Dr. A.B. Singh (Deputy Director A.H- ICDP Valsad)... read more →

Bhumi Charitable Trust had organized one of its kind initiatives on Environment Awareness. This time we invited our volunteers to distribute handbill and a handkerchief at all the Traffic Signals. Our motive behind this was, since we are going on cutting tress the ozone layer is getting depleted and due to which the whole atmosphere is getting warmer. Hence we distributed handkerchief to the people to clean their sweat, and provided them with a message that since trees are getting depleted our environment is displaying its catastrophic phase and if we still continue to do this, then the nature will turn into a curse for the further generation. read more →

Bhumi Charitable Trust had organized Car Rally on world Environment Day. In this car rally total number of 15 cars took part and distributed Plants to the people on the road. We also distributed handbills on Environment Protection and gave them a message on importance of tree plantation. At the end of the rally Mr. Khobung IFS officer gave an eye opening speech on cutting trees and its adverse effect on environment. read more →

Bhumi Charitable Trust had organized blood donation camp at Pardi velvach waghdarda primary school. In this blood donation camp, teachers from all around villages participated and donated their blood for the needy, and also distributed handbills for environment awareness giving a message for environment protection. read more →

Celebrated World Earth Day on 22 April, 2011 at Bhadali School, here our volunteers gave a message on environment protection and at the end of the event we distributed Schools bags to the students. read more →

2010 was the year where Bhunmi Charitable Trust started taking its shape and came up with the action plan to generate maximum awareness for “Clean and Green Environment”. Following was the event that was conducted in the year 2010. read more →