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Activities 2015

14 April

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Activity Tribal Sub-Plan Valsad, Animal Husbandry Department and Bhumi Charitable Trust had organized a free Medical Camp for Animals at Baroli Jungle, Taluka Kaprada, District Valsad. In this free medical camp about 900 Animals were provided with free medical checkup and medicine facilities. The Village “Sarpanch” Shree Laxmanbhai Patel, Dr. A.B. Singh (Deputy Director A.H- ICDP Valsad), Dr. Oza, Trustees of Bhumi Charitable Trust and Staff were present, and distributed handbills for Animal Health Awareness and provided them with a message for the protection and welfare of a sustainable environment.“Sarpanch” Shree Laxmanbhai Patel, Dr. A B Singh and Dr. Oza gave speeches on Animal Health Welfare and seriousness of our role as responsible human beings in the respective field.

22 April

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Activity Bhumi Charitable Trust on 22nd April, 2015, organized an activity on Environment Awareness - Demolishing Plastic Bags. The activity was organized near the R.P.F. Ground and outside Circuit House, Halar Road, Valsad. We had total 354 participants including the youth, R.P.F. Jawans and Authorities from Valsad Seva Sadan, R.P.F., Valsad Nagar Seva Sadan, Science Students and Trustees of Bhumi Charitable Trust. As Chief Guests we invited Mr. B. S. Meena, Asst. Security Commissioner R P.F. Training Institute, Valsad, and Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Senior P.I. – R.P.F. who shared information on enlightening people on Environment Awareness and the hazardous effect on usage of Plastic Bags, and maintaining of Railway Infrastructure to have a clean and healthy environment, emphasizing the importance of Environment Awareness by demolishing Plastic Bags. Outcome During this activity handbills of 'Plastic Free Valsad' and about 2000 Echo Friendly Bags were distributed to everyone.

5 June

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Activity Bhumi Charitable Trust in association with the Railway Protection Force celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June, 2015, and also the Inauguration of Ambulance for free human welfare service. In this event we invited Chief Guests namely, Mr. Gaurav Pandya, (Advocate) A.I.C.C. Member, Valsad, Mr, Bharat Singh Meena, Asstt. Commissioner Training / R.P.F.Valsad, Mr. Anil Goel, Professor, B.K.M. Science College, Valsad, Rakesh Joshi, Valsad, Dr. A.B. Singh, Deputy Director A.H. (ICDP, Valsad ), Mr. K.V. Katariya, (Dahej Pratibandh Adhikari ), Valsasd, Mr. D. M. Patel, (Samaj Suraksha Adhikari), Valsad, Mr. Rajesh Patel (Raju Marcha), and the R.P.F. Students. In this event the dignitaries on the desk delivered a speech on conservation and protection of environment, by planting trees and conserving forests. The speeches were really enlightening and informative for all the participants. It was also an eye opening event for all the participants. At the end of the speech Mr. Gaurav Pandya inaugurated the Hearse Vehicle for free services and the welfare of the society. Outcome At the end of the event, chief guests and participants took an Oath to grow one tree every year and also planted 51 Trees.