Bhumi Charitable Trust


Activities 2011

22 April

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Activity Celebrated World Earth Day on 22 April, 2011 at Bhadali School, here our volunteers gave a message on environment protection and at the end of the event we distributed Schools bags to the students. Outcome At the end of the event, every participant took an Oath to grow one tree every year. | By distributing School bags to the students, they got motivation to come to school regularly and in turn it worked to decrease the school dropout ratio.

1 August

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Activity Bhumi charitable trust had organized tree plantation programme at vanprastrasan ashram - old homeage. where mrs. anjana manan lalbhai, president of the organization gave well wishes to mr. pankaj patel for this unique initiative of protecting environment. Since it was an old homage, we got a suggestion from the old aged people that, we should plant Religious Trees, and with the help of our volunteers and old homage people we planted 35 religious trees. Outcome By this activity we got the blessings from the old aged people and as per their instruction we planted the trees and got the understanding and importance of the religious trees.