Bhumi Charitable Trust


About Us

Bhumi Charitable Trust was established in the year 2010. But it was a really conscious effort from the whole Bhumi family to start this organization. In the last few years it was observed that slowly and gradually green forest were getting converted into concrete jungles and due to lot of industries getting establish in South Gujarat the changes that are seen in the environment are disastrous. These were the main reasons which enlightened us to come up with Bhumi Charitable Trust. The one and only mission of the Bhumi Charitable Trust is to protect and preserve the environment, we also work in the field of environment awareness with full devotion and dedication. For the fulfillment of this objective we took up the responsibility to organize awareness activities at different level right from Schools, Universities, villages, through which we can reach each and every end of the society. So, we together can join hands and work for Clean and Green environment.


To establish a just, humane, peaceful and eco-friendly society where Gospel values of Equality, Fraternity and love are lived and shared.


To promote awareness of the current stateof our environment and to educatecommunity on how to go "greener".